Online Marketing Tools

Here are some of our favorite online marketing tools:

Traditional Keyword Suggestion Tools

  • SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool – tool shows top keyword phrases from Overture. Also cross references many other useful keyword research tools.

  • Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool – recommends keywords based on a keyword you enter or a URL you have the tool analyze

  • Google Suggest Tool – shows frequently search for phrases starting with the words and letters in your query.

  • Keyword Discovery – free keyword tool from Trellian. Trellian also has a more advanced paid version of Keyword Discovery.

  • Microsoft Keyword Forecast – shows predicted Microsoft search impression count and historical trends.

  • Wordtracker Free Keywords – free keyword suggestions from Wordtracker. Wordtracker also has a more advanced paid version, and sells top keyword reports.

  • Wordze – nice for generating decently large keyword lists quickly and inserting them into paid search campaigns.

Keyword Valuation Tools

  • Google Traffic Estimator – shows the estimated bids prices and ad clicks for the top ranked AdWords ad. Allows you to check for [exact match], “phrase match”, or broad match.

More Abstract Keyword Sources

  • adCenter Labs tools – Microsoft offers a wide array of keyword tools like demographic prediction and content categorization tools.
  • eBay Marketplace Research – this paid tool allows you to see what items are selling on eBay and for how much
  • Google Sets – creates a set of keywords based on a keyword you enter
  • Google Related Keywords – highlights words that Google considers as being related to a keyword, as displayed when you search Google for ~keyword
  • Keyword Density Analysis Tool – finds common words and phrases on your site. 
  • Page Comparison Tool – tool compares the page titles, meta information, and most common two and three word phrases between different pages. 
  • Quintura – visual search service which shows related modifiers clustered around your search
  • – find related keywords using a traditional thesaurus
  • Yahoo Term Extraction – delivers a list of most important keywords contained inside a piece of text. 

Trend Related Keywords

  • – offers category based best sellers, new releases, & movers & shakers
  • eBay Pulse – keywords that are currently hot on eBay, organized by category.
  • Google Hot Trends – shows keywords that are recently hot . Also archives older hot keywords, and Google Trends shows seasonal search trends for most popular keywords.
  • Microsoft Keyword Forecast – shows predicted Microsoft search impression count and historical trends.
  • Yahoo! Buzz Index – search trends and stories about what keywords are hot right now
  • SEOMoz popular searches – combines and archives results from many of the tools in this section and a few others

Bulk Keyword Editing Tools

  • Keyword List Generator – allows you to quickly create large lists of keyword phrases using keywords and modifiers 
  • Keyword List Cleaner – allows you to quickly create a functional keyword list from most any publicly available keyword source try it now.
  • Keyword Misspelling Generator – allows you to generate various misspellings of a keyword or phrase to match common typing errors. Useful for creating keyword lists around your most important keywords to bid on.

Keyword Modifiers

  • Keyword Modifiers – Spreadsheet showing common keyword modifiers organized by categories such as price, location, and other common variables.
  • keyword tools review post – a couple year old blog post offering a free comparison of different keyword research tools, also showing how keyword modifiers work in a real world example

Paid Competitive Research Tools

  • Search Analytics – low cost competitive tool showing keywords that send competing sites the most traffic.
  • HitWise – similar to Search Analytics, but costs about $10,000 and up.
  • KeyCompete – shows keywords that competitors are buying
  • SEMPhonic – tracks keyword rankings and provides competitive reporting
  • SpyFu – shows terms that competitors are buying or ranking for in the organic search results.
  • Trellian Competitive Intelligence – shows keywords that competitors rank for and keywords that send them significant traffic.

Budget Estimation Tools

  • Google Traffic Estimator – estimates the number of Google AdWords ad clicks and bid prices for the top ad position.
  • Yahoo ROI Calculators CPC & CPM – estimates how much you can profitably pay for your ads

Bulk Keyword Editing Tools

  • Google AdWords Editor – Downloadable software for Windows and Mac that allows you to download and edit your AdWords ads. Also has an automated keyword grouper
  • Keyword List Generator – allows you to quickly create large lists of keyword phrases using keywords and modifiers.
  • Keyword List Cleaner – allows you to quickly create a functional keyword list from most any publicly available keyword source try it now.
  • Keyword Misspelling Generator – allows you to generate various misspellings of a keyword or phrase to match common typing errors. Useful for creating keyword lists around your most important keywords to bid on.

Other Handy PPC Tools

  • SplitTester – makes it easy to test the probably of the accuracy of results from an A/B split test

From the Search Engines

  • Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool – allows you to plug in a URL and shows you what keywords Google thinks the page should be advertising for
  • MSN AdCenter Labs – offers many keyword tools, including a content classification tool and demographic prediction tools

The Keyword Tool 

  • Offers suggested monthly regional search volumes by market for Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.*
  • Links the search volumes to the related global search results.
  • Provides links to price estimate tools from Overture and Google AdWords. That Google AdWords tool shows the necessary bid to rank #1 for 85% of queries, and roughly how much traffic you could expect AdWords to send you based on that bid price.
  • Links to Google Trends, Google Suggest, Google Synonyms, Yahoo! Suggest, Nichebot and Wordtracker keyword research results.
  • Links to various vertical databases like, Google Blogsearch, and to let you know if people are talking about your topic and what types of resources they are referencing.

Want more free PPC or keyword research tips? Need more Keyword Research Data?

  • If you use pay per click marketing you are probably best off using Google AdWords or Yahoo! Search Marketing over the smaller PPC engines due to typically higher click quality and faster feedback loops.
  • Wordtracker offers a subscription based keyword research service and has a free keyword research guide [PDF].
  • Aaron Wall offers a free Google AdWords & Yahoo! Search Marketing Tips PDF and this free keyword research video on how to use this tool.
  • Dan Thies‘s SEO Research Labs offers professional keyword research services and this free 75 minute keyword research video.

Things that Blow with this tool (Mainly Stuff from Overture’s data format):

  • Overture switches the order of some phrases. SEO Company may appear as company SEO in the Overture output.
    • You have to use a bit of common sense and look at some of the other numbers from other tools to tell what the appropriate word orders are.
    • If you see something like Diego Estate San Real well that’s pretty obviously mixed up.
    • People tend to typically use language in similar patterns. If there are 14,000,000 search results for [“car hire”] and only 2,000,000 pages for [“hire car”] then odds are car hire is a more common search term.
  • Overture blends plural and singular terms together when showing their keyword data. Keep in mind the terms may be way different in meaning, competition, query volume, and conversion.
  • Since we estimate Google and MSN traffic based on Yahoo!’s numbers any sampling error is amplified.

* Please note our tool currently assumes Google having double Yahoo!’s search traffic and Yahoo! having double MSN’s search volume. Depending on your topic / vertical and your geographic location the search engines may have vastly different search volumes. The tool can only possibly offer approximations. Exact search volumes are hard to find due to vanity searches, click bots, rank checkers, and other forms of automated traffic. Exceptionally valuable search terms show far greater volume than they actually have due to various competitive commercial forces causing greater automated search traffic.

Also have a look at Free Keyword List Generator

This free keyword phrase generator tool is web based software which allows you to generate a large number of keyword phrases based on permutations of keywords you enter.

How it Works:

You enter keyword terms & modifiers and the tool outputs phrases. For example, if you entered

  • find, buy, purchase, free, online
  • keyword, keywords, key word
  • list, tool, generator, tools, permutator

it would output

  • find keyword list
  • find keyword tool
  • find keyword generator
  • find keyword tools
  • find keyword permutator
  • find keywords list
  • online key word permutator

Here’s a video about how it works  (new window will open)
Viewing the video is a Must Do.  It will help you understand how the software works. 

Go HERE to use this tool to generate your keyword Permutations  (new window will open)

More Useful Links from

Keyword Analysis Tool The Keyword Analyzer will read the page you specify and give a report on what words are used, and how many times they are used.

Link Popularity Checker  The Link Popularity Checker tells you how many websites are linking to yours. Website popularity is an important factor in your search engine ranking. The more popular your site is, the better it will be ranked on the search engines.

Search Engine Spider Simulator The Search Engine Spider Simulator strips out the HTML tags from the page you specify and shows you how the page would look to search engine spiders.

Meta Tag Generator The Meta Tag Generator will read the page you specify, remove common words from it, and pick the most used words on the page. It will then generate a Meta Keywords tag using the words it has found. Extra weight will be given to words in a heading tag (<H1><H2> etc.)

Web Page Analyzer The Web Page Analyzer will read the page you specify, and put it through a few basic tests to see if qualifies as ‘search-engine-friendly’ for the phrase you specify. It then gives a report on the good, and the bad points of the page in SEO terms.

Top PPC Bids Checker The Top PPC Bids Checker allows you to query a number of PPC (Pay Per Click) engines to see what the top bids are for a certain keyword or phrase.

Link Appeal Tool The Link Appeal tool will calculate the desirability rating of having a link on the url you specify. This calculation includes factors such as PageRank, number of outbound links and the overall percentage of links to html. It is intended as a guideline for evaluating whether you should ask for a link on a certain page or not.

Class C CheckerThe Class C Checker will allow you to check if 2 domains are hosted on the same Class C IP range. What’s the use of that? Well, links from sites that are not on the same class C IP range as your site are thought to give more weight.

Dig Utility Tool The Dig Utility will allow you to query the Domain Name Service (DNS) database using the dig command to give you the most ‘behind-the-scenes’ information for an address. If you need less information, try using the DNS Query tool. 

DNS Query Utility The DNS Query Utility will allow you to look up DNS information on the domain you specify.

htaccess Generator ToolThe .htaccess generator will generate the files you need (.htaccess and .htpasswd) to password protect a directory of your website. Just input the username and password you require, plus the exact path of the directory you want to protect. For more information about .htaccess protection, have a search on Google.

Link Checker Tool The Link Checker will read the page you specify, extract the links from it and test the status of each one. If any errors are found (broken links) these are reported.  Very useful to check for broken links on your sites. 

Link Checker Tool  The Link Extractor will extract all the links from a web page you specify and list them.

HTTP Header Viewer Tool The HTTP Header Viewer will show you the exact HTTP headers that a web server is sending with a HTTP response. This can be useful if you need to know what cookies are being set or where any re-directs are going to, along with other details such as mime-type. 

MX Record Lookup  The MX Record Lookup tool will attempt to find out the mail servers used by an email address you specify. This can be useful if you need to check an email’s authenticity, or check who handles email for a certain address.

IP Address Locator The IP Address Locator tool will give you the physical location of the computer that has been assigned the IP address you are looking for.

Front Page Code Cleaner The Frontpage Code Cleaner will read the page you specify, and clean a lot of the un-needed code created by Microsoft Frontpage. This helps to shrink the size of the actual page, which has many benefits.

Dreamweaver Code Cleaner The Dreamweaver Code Cleaner will read the page you specify, and clean a lot of the un-needed code created by Macromedia Dreamweaver. This helps to shrink the size of the actual page, which has many benefits.

CCS Menu Generator The CSS Menu Generator will generate both the CSS and the HTML code required to produce a text-based yet appealing set of navigation buttons. As text links are fast becoming preferred over images where search engine optimization is needed, a CSS menu can give the effectiveness of text links with a better look than standard text links.

Top 10 Pay Per Click search engines

Well first of all you should realize that Google isn’t everything. Yes it does produce fantastic results, return on investment is good, and there is a lot of visitors coming from there. But there is also a world of traffic outside of Google, and often it is less competitive to purchase, so print out this page and take a look at these other pay per click search engines. I especially recommend that you join ALL of the big 3 below:

The big 3:

Google Adwords – This is the biggest and best volume for traffic quality. Has a great user interface, however is also often the most expensive.

Yahoo Search Marketing – Also very good for targeted high quality traffic. Not as high a volume as Google, but still enough to be considered very significant. Don’t forget to sign up to Yahoo USA, Yahoo UK and Yahoo AUS individually, as you need to sign up to each one separately for some strange reason. It’s a bit of a nuisance doing this, but well worth it. Yahoo UK and USA in particular are absolute must haves, while Yahoo AUS is growing and has a fantastic Return on Investment per click.

MSN Adcenter – Growing all the time. Very good conversion rates. The volume of traffic is much lower than Google and is about half that of Yahoo, sometimes even less, but often comes cheaper with a higher return on investment. Well worth having.

Next 2 up and comers:

Looksmart – Often underrated, can produce very good return on investments.

Miva – Up and coming ppc search engine that has been known to produce good results.

Final 5 worth a go:

7search – A smaller search engine with good quality traffic. Good interface. They claim better ROI than either Google or Yahoo! because of their high quality traffic sources.

Go click – Cheap traffic, with a growing and loyal following. GoClick still lets you start an account with only $10 and bid from 1 cent.

Enhance – A strong emerging Pay Per Click search engine that has good solid quality control.

Search123 – One of the first PPC search engines. Cost effective with good support. Fund with $50 and they’ll give you $20 free.

This book and video package is by a guy called Ewen Chia and is titled “Secret Affiliate Weapon”. This incredible resource, priced at an incredibly low $9.97, will get you on the right track to earning the amounts of money you’ve been dreaming about. It includes reports on:

  • “Quick-Start Affiliate Profits: How To Promote ANY Affiliate Program For A Surge Of Immediate Profits…Even If You’re Starting From Scratch!”
  • Quick-Start Guide To Google AdWords”
  • “Thank You Page Tactics!”
  • “How To Make Money On The Front, Middle And Backend!”

There are 17 video files titled:

  • 10 Google Steps
  • 29 Website Tricks volume 1 & 2
  • 30 Minute Mini Site
  • 5 Traffic Tactics
  • 7 Fast Ways
  • Adsense Cash
  • Audio Mastery
  • Automatic Content
  • Boost Response
  • Website Spy
  • Create Free PDF
  • Free Toolbars
  • Huge Keyword Lists
  • Master Web Graphics
  • Membership Site
  • Opt-In Fast

There is more as well, but I think you get the picture…